Collegiate AC is the most forward-thinking provider of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation in Europe. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector and having opened in excess of 30,000 beds, Collegiate launched into Europe in 2017. We now have three properties in Iberia in Madrid, Lisbon and Valencia. The Collegiate AC brand offers studio apartments in purpose-built accommodation blocks that have sophisticated features to enable students to make the most of their University life.

Student Accommodation at Collegiate has undergone major changes in design and purpose. It builds a sense of community and offers a unique living experience in which to study, socialise and relax. Our students have access to the best facilities and communal spaces to foster an environment or entrepreneurship, networking and innovation.

About this role

We are looking to hire an experienced Sales Executive who is able to assist the Marketing Team in letting our Student Accommodation to ensure it is always at full capacity. This role will focus on both students and business. It will include bringing events to life for our students, encouraging them to engage with the Collegiate brand and create life-long memories. The ideal candidate will have a good track record of engaging with potential customers and closing sales.

This role will be based in Lisbon and help support the central Iberian Marketing Team in Madrid.

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