Sobre o nosso cliente
Our client is an innovative Inbound Marketing Agency specialized in the development and implementation of online marketing strategies

Descrição da oferta
We are looking for an amazing, data-driven Inbound Marketer Manager to lead our team of marketers and drive customers’ key business metrics including leads, MQLs, SQLs and Opportunities. The Inbound Marketing Manager will be in charge of attracting traffic, converting it into new leads for the business and nurturing them until deals are closed, using inbound marketing tactics such as SEO, social media, landing page conversion testing, online advertising, email marketing, lead nurturing, scoring, etc.

* Lead a team tasked with managing demand generation and marketing funnel optimization;
* Have hands-on experience in executing work on time and setting an example for the team;
* Define team strategy through analysis of historical marketing data;
* Grow the team by hiring, coaching and training.

* Ensure that all customers KPIs are monitored, delivering successful results;
* Manage the team and tasks in order to produce projects’ “deliverables” on time and on budget;
* Always seek for improvement of project performance and better results;
* Manage team’s capacities and forecast new hires;
* Manage external resources (e.g. freelancers) needed for project development;
* Manage project financial budget and optimize profitability;
* Conduct project reports;

* Top of the funnel tactics like Paid Media, SEO optimisation, Social Media, Blogs, CTAs, Landing Pages, Content, etc. for lead generation;
* Middle of the funnel tactics like lead nurturing programs, customer journeys, scoring models for lead qualification;
* Bottom of the funnel tactics like sales alignment, promotions campaigns, etc, for conversion and sales;
* Loyalty tactics to improve customer’s life value and reduce churn rate;
* Measure, report and continuously improve the performance of all digital marketing channels to ensure consistent; quality of lead generation, revenue and brand awareness;
* Marketing Automation platform setup, configuration and management.

Perfil ideal
* Passionate about Inbound Marketing, technology and data;

* Good presentation skills;

* Proactive, problem solver, capable of getting things done;

* Committed, creative, success-driven;

* Eager to learn & teach;

* Teamwork oriented, ability to motivate and be a good leader;

* At least 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing;

* At least 3 years of experience in a Marketing Agency;

* At least 3 years of experience in team leading and project management;

* Master Degree in Marketing, Business or any other related field;

* Proven experience in Leadership, with effective work team organization * Strong project and team management skills;

* Fluent English (written & spoken) – a must;

* Experience with marketing automation or CRM platforms (hands-on);

* Strong analytical and organizational skills, including ability to prioritize tasks;

* Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

* Experience in CRM projects.

Great opportunity for career growth, in an encouraging, supportive environment

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