The main objective of this immersion tank is to provoke in a short period of time a strong experience that will give you enough reasons to start developing your own business, surrounded by the serendipity of the participants and inspired by cases, exercises, specialists and skilled mentors, the intensity of the weekend should be replicated in the following weeks giving you the means and the energy to pursue your business objectives.


The workshop is open to all kinds of participants. Nevertheless we will try to guarantee a balanced mixture of participants in terms of professional backgrounds, experience and age, with the compromise that the number of participants will not be above thirty. Before enrolling in the Immersion Tank you should ask yourself if you have an interest/passion in discovering how an idea can become a real company, or more precisely how your own idea can become a business reality.


The immersion tank as three main areas that will be covered comprehensively with dedicated sessions across the days with the all group of participants.

  • Immersion on Business Creation principles Session 01
  • Current trends Session 02
  • Business model Canvas Session 03
  • Lean launchpad and Customer development Immersion on Business Ideation Session 04
  • How to bring ideas together Session 05
  • Pivoting different business hypotheses Session 06
  • Branding a startup Immersion on Bringing the Business into the real world Session 07
  • Setting up your first web page, blog, digital journal, customer platform Session 08
  • Test the basic financials of your Business model Session 09
  • Wrap up, group presentation, action plan for the future and feedback

Para todos os nossos Associados APPM é oferecido um desconto de 15%. Para mais informações consulte o site da Restart

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